Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sam got a haircut!!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sam Graduates!!

Sam getting ready to go! Sam getting that diploma (or the empty case)Sam & Kassidy, it was a windy night... Sam with his Grandparents! A Happy Sam!The whole family (we missed Katie)
The three cute boys waiting for Dinner!

A great end to the night, a little "Guitar Hero"
and yes Kassidy did beat Sam!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Road Trip...

Last weekend we went on a road trip to see family, we drove up Saturday afternoon and home Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I think I am crazy to plan these things. But it is all worth it to be with family for the major events of life.
Riley and Katie with their Grandparents
Katie and Riley with their cousin Davey who is going on a mission to Belem, Brazil!
He left yesterday for the MTC in Brazil. We know he will be a great missionary and we are so excited for him. We are glad we got to be there for his farewell talk.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The end of the school year!

Sam's last project... Sunday night, notice the time on the clock 11:30.
Sam's Senior Picture

Another great one, Thank you Jamie!!

The last day of school, Woo Hoo!!

No more early mornings, we love summer!!

We Love Camping!

For Memorial Day we went camping at Zions! Mike cooking breakfast.
The three sleepyheads.
Katie, Riley and their boondoggle class.
Zions here we come...
At the end of the hike...
Sam living on the edge.
Katie & Riley cooking breakfast...
and it got a thumbs up!
Katie's new boyfriend...he is showing that he is #1.
Perfect hot dogs!

Sam Senior Awards Night

Sam is Graduating a year early.

He has taken his Junior & Senior year in one.

It has been an intense year, but he did it!!

He even graduated with a few awards

He is a Honor Graduate and has earned two scholarships!

Go SAM!!

Sam went to Prom...

Sam being Sam
Mike & I went to the door with Sam
Sam & Kassidy
Different Pose...
Different pose to keep the mom's happy.

Riley & Soccer...

This Spring Riley played for a Club Team.
He was the Co-Captain.
All of Riley's teammates go to the rival high school.
It makes it interesting when the two school teams play each other.

Riley is #13, my favorite number