Thursday, October 8, 2015

Conference Weekend

I love Conference Weekend.
I love the messages.
I love that I have a house full of kids.

Saturday after the morning session, we went to support our neighbor in soccer.
It has been a while since I have been to a little kids game.
It was fun and entertaining and the weather was perfect!

After the afternoon session, Rye and his gang had an intense Killer Bunnies game.

On Sunday we just enjoyed the sessions and the messages.
We were thankful to hear from our Prophet.

My favorite picture of the day is full of love and concern for our Prophet.

There were so many wonderful messages full of inspiration.
I am grateful that we have Prophets and Apostles to guide us.

Quick Trip to St. George

Mike and I had a quick trip to St. George to visit family and
do a few more house projects.

The highlight of the trip was playing "Cover Your Assets",
I won one game with a high score of 825! woo hoo!   Mike was counting up those points.
(yes we did play more than one game and yes I did not win any other games)