Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sam the Missionary

Makes my day to get a disc from Sam...
I know Katie and Jeremy love the pictures
I sure love this boy too.

Riley Report

Riley has been going to his calculus class since Tuesday.
He doesn't want to get behind.
His mother makes him go in a wheelchair so he is protected.

We went to the Dr. Thursday.
The report was:
MRI next week,
Low chance he will need surgery,
Wear the brace for 1-2 months,
Has 3 fractures,
should heal up fine,
we go back in 2 weeks.

Riley went to almost a full day of class Friday...
then had a 3 hour nap.

He is mending well!

We sure love the boy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tender Mercies

This has been a weekend of Miracles, Blessings and Tender Mercies.

This sweet boy who I most often refer to as "Baby Riley" even if he is 18!
had quite a skiing accident. He was trying a new jump and went too fast...bad landing.

Mike and I were having a busy church Saturday, I was at the Church and he was on the way to the temple for a sealing when we got the phone call.

Riley had a skiing accident and they were lifeflighting him to UMC.


Mike & I were grateful that this morning when Riley left
We each gave him a kiss and told him we loved him
and I told him to be careful...(he must not have heard that part)

We dropped what we were doing (Thank you to those who stayed and cleaned up)
and headed to UMC.

On the way to UMC we got a phone call
and they had decided to fly him to the Cedar City Hospital, it was closer.

So we turned around and headed to Cedar City.

So Many Tender Mercies...

Connor, Kendall and Payden were skiing with Riley
they immediately sought help, offered first aid, and said a prayer.

They quickly called us and continued to keep us updated
as we drive the 180 miles to the Hospital

The Good news that he could move his fingers and toes.

The multitude of Friends and family who immediately added his name to prayer rolls
and said many prayers on his behalf.

A home teacher who filled up his car with gas and ready to come to Cedar City if we needed him.

A righteous Priesthood holder, Mike, who could give Riley a blessing.

Sweet Mallory who lives in Cedar heard the news and came to the hospital

Riley's Friends who camped at the hospital and stayed with Riley till we got there and then
ended up staying till he was released.

The many phone calls and texts of love and concern.

Katie and Jeremy ready to head down and being the relay system with info.

The news that he had some fractures in his vertebrae
but they were not at risk of injury to the spinal cord.

The blessing of knowing we are an Eternal Family.

Getting to the hospital and seeing this cute boy!
(I forgot to take a picture with him all hooked up)

Being able to bring this cute boy home.
We will go visit an orthopedic surgeon in town
for the rest of his care.

He is happy in his brace, it helps the pain,
he was happy to take a shower.

WE are blessed that he is alive and not paralyzed.

He did the ask the Doctor how soon he would be able to go skiing...

But I love him and all my children dearly!