Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Katie and Gwen's Visit

What a treat to have Katie and Gwen visit.
Gwen is the star of the show.

We went on a field trip to the Aquarium. 
Gwen was busy taking it all in.

We loved the penguins.

We all loved the good weather.
Gwen loves stroller rides and walks to the park.

Gwen loves swinging!

She loves to eat black beans.

So sad to take them to the airport.
So happy we got to be have them both here!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

10 years of Family Cruise Pics

This is the  Ten Year Anniversary of Bradley Family Cruising.
I have found the traditional picture from each cruise.
A wonderful tradition my parents started and it will continue with the "Cruise Trust" that they endowed.







Monday, March 6, 2017

Family Cruise

Cruising with Family  is one of my favorite things.
A stress free "vacation" and lots of fun together.
We left for the cruise on my Dad's birthday.
We celebrated him and my mom.

Mike brought a few treats on board... It is not like you don't have enough food options.

Muster drill - DONE!

We had great seats on deck right in front of the ice carving demonstration.
Really is fun to watch.

We are good at getting chairs in a row, usually two rows
We have the sun worshipers and the shade lovers.
I learned to cable this cruise.  Easy when I have my sisters to teach and inspire.

One of my favorite parts is dinner every night.
We have three tables for our group of 20.
We switch tables so we get to dine with everyone.

Day 1:  Curacao

We visited an old Labor House

We visited a National Park
The water was ferocious!  No Swimming.

It was very windy.

We went around the corner of the Island and found a gorgeous calm beach.

On the way back to the ship we passed the Salt Flats and lots of  Flamingo's

Some nights we watch the movie on the top deck
 and some nights we play games.

Very entertaining...lots of laughing!

Day 2:  Aruba

Just nice beaches and the same shops on every stop.

Day 3: Bonaire

They were having a life boat drill.  They unloaded them all and took them for a spin.

We did a glass bottom kayak tour.

Mike paddled, he is so strong!
I enjoy the view.

We stopped at fun beach for snorkeling.

(Not all family)

Gorgeous Sky that night

We were up early to get our rows reserved.
Sea days are busy deck days.

Have to play a hand or two at Ranch Rummy!

My sisters

We were trying to figure out the Princess Messenger system,

My cute siblings.

Our traditional Cruise Family Picture

We had dreamy sunrise and sunsets.
It was a dreamy vacation.