Saturday, December 26, 2015


It's that time of year...
love, love, love Christmas Cards.

The boys were rebelling this year -
They said No Hearts on the tree!
Luckily we have lots of other ornaments.
It was fun to pull them out!

We had a quiet Christmas Eve at home.
worked on the puzzle, and
read "The Night Before Christmas"

Riley was the big winner

We pondered the True Meaning of Christmas and how we can be more Christlike.

Christmas Morning Mike and I went to have Breakfast with my dad.

We came home and all was quiet.
The boys were still sleeping!

We woke them up, they finished the puzzle 

Santa had come...

Riley with his "Mexican Hot Cocoa"
It was actually very good.

We had a White Christmas, lots of snow.

We played games.

We used the long break and had a "Star Wars" marathon.
We watched all 6 movies before going to see the new one.
The new one was fabulous, loved it!

The day after we went to see the lights,
It was sooo cold.

We had a quick look, watched the nativity presentation and went and had a warm dinner.

We had a Christmas Party with the extended family.
Mike was the designated reader.

Always fun to get together!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! We love this season dedicated to celebrating Christ’s birth. 

We hope you have had a wonderful year. Here are the highlights from ours:

Mike & Barb celebrated 30 years of marital bliss (hooray!!) by taking the whole family on an epic trip to Northern Europe.

Jeremy graduated from Dental school and Katie is expecting a bundle of joy in June.  They are settled in the mountains of Vermont.

Sam & Riley are still single, students, and enjoying life.  They love the outdoors and playing in the mountains of Utah.

May you all have a great year filled with lots of love and laughter!  Much LOVE...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Family Christmas Party

We tried something new this year.
We had the party at a skating rink.
The kids loved it.

My dad even got a few spins on the rink.

A few numbers to make sense of the mob...

My Dad and Mom have:
14 children
86 grandchildren
219 great grandchildren!

Life is good.
Family is Fabulous.