Monday, May 20, 2013


I made a quilt for each of my kids...They are all the same!
Picnic Quilts!
Sam is already planning a picnic date.
Just have to bind them - Not as much fun!

Here's a quilt I started while taking a fun quilting class.

St. George

We had a fun quick weekend in St. George.
Darbie and Kristie met us for some fun.
The only pics I took were of one breakfast with the family.
Always fun to get together!

Sunday Cookies..

I love to make Cookies on Sunday, I have been doing it for years.
Well we are getting ready to sell my Dad's house, he has moved to Phoenix to live with my sister.
We reactivated the security system.
Well one Sunday I turn the oven on to heat up for my cookies.
Well we had some guests staying here and someone had put a muffin tin in the oven to dry...
Well the muffin tin had a bit of muffin on it.

I hear this screeching... the smoke alarm is going off.
Wow it was so loud.

I go to the control panel and turn it off and all seems well.

Till I hear some voices at the front door and this is what I saw...
I had no idea that the smoke alarm called the fire department -
As I go around the corner with my apron on, 
they figured out the cause of the alarm.

I was very apologetic, they were very nice and didn't want any treats!

Easter - Part 2

I still love Easter and Easter Egg Hunts.
Luckily Andrea and the girls came for dinner and they were happy to oblige!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Highlight of Mother's Day

It is always sad to leave Katie & Jeremy  in Boston,
But great to come home and Skype with the Riley boy.
We had so much fun and laughed and laughed.