Sunday, February 27, 2011

A great way to spend a Saturday...

At Science Bowl!

Katie & Jeremy came to town!

It is always fun when they come.
Time to get out the big guns...

Do a little shopping...

Play tourist...
They brought their friends Amber & Ryan, they added to the fun

The boys napped...
Played games
Hiked Lone Mountain, Made Treats,
and had a wonderful time.
Thanks for coming.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Sam and Riley have both been accpted into BYU!
Woo Hoo!
Sam will come home from his mission August 24ish
and head to BYU for school by August 29th.

Crazy times and good times.

Their Grandmother is beaming from Heaven!
(She grew up on the BYU campus)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Mike..

The Big 50!!

This is what Mike wished what he got for his birthday... a HARLEY!
But no such luck... It is really because I love him and need him in my life!

50 Reasons why I love Mike:

1. He is my eternal sweetheart
2. He loves my laugh
3. He tucks me in bed early
4. He honors his Priesthood
5. He has listened to me for 26 years of marriage
6. He loves to go on trips
7. He lets me drive my car when he is with me
8. He loves the Beach
9. He loves skiing with his boys
10. He loves an adventure
11. He calls me several times a day
12. He always gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me when he leaves the house
13. He has taught me the fun of camping
14. He loves being with my family
15. He is planning ahead for fun things to do with our future Grandchildren
16. Our family is his Treasure
17. He is the perfect size for me
18. He loves the outdoors
19. He loves to walk and talk
20. He gave up Diet Pepsi
21. He loves my cookies
22. He thinks I am a good cook
23. He loves movies
24. He will watch chick flicks with me
25. He reads his scriptures faithfully
26. He loves to take me to the temple
27. He loves to Boogie Board and is happy if I never get in the water
28. He prays for me and our family daily
29. He is grateful for me
30. He is the joy of my life
31. He honors the covenants he has made
32. He is a good example for our boys
33. He adores our daughter Katie
34. He taught our kids how to play catch
35. Cause he is awesome
36. He loves to hear my ideas
37. He supports me in my callings and will even come clean up
38. He is calm in a crisis
39. He loves the Gospel
40. He loves guns and he knows I don't so he keeps them locked in the safe
41. He supports our favorite missionary, Sam
42. He is fun sized
43. He works hard for his family
44. He loves to wrestle with the boys
45. He is very protective of his family
46. He strives to keep the commandments
47. He will laugh with me
48. He takes his vitamins
49. He is fun to live with
50. He is my best friend

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Riley had a great time even with the brace on,
He tried it on under his shirt and decided he did not like the robot look.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Riley Update...

We went to the Doctor yesterday. The MRI showed no disc damage and no intrusions of any sort into the spinal canal. He gets to wear the lovely brace for three more weeks till we go back to the doctor. Riley asked the doctor if he could take off his brace for the Sadies Dance this weekend. The doctor told him a better solution would be to get a size bigger shirt and wear it over the brace. Riley faithfully wears the brace 24/7. It only comes off for showering.

The four vertebra that are broken are t8, t9, t10, and t11. He can walk better and no longer takes lortab. He is able to manage the pain with ibuprofen. We might not make it for the end of season skiing. But diving starts the end of March, that might work!

We are grateful for the continued blessings in our life.

What a miracle that he is okay and walking!