Sunday, September 29, 2013

Giant Pumpkins

 Mike and I headed to the Giant Pumpkin Weigh off at Thanksgiving Point
It always seems to be on a good weather day.

My brother Dave with his big Pumpkin he grew!

Getting the pumpkin on the scale is a production.

David's Pumpkin weighted 882 lbs.
He took 6th place

AND he won the award for Best Looking Pumpkin.
It was gorgeous!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Emails like this make my day!

We saw and spoke with your son while in Thailand

He looked great!  And very happy.  He translated for our group at church.  He said to call you a sneaky mom?  We immediately adopted him since he is from Vegas and we Henderson.  I shed tears while he translated because I thought of my son serving in Bolivia whom we shall pick up in December.

Enjoy the picture!   -Sister Walker.

I am happy he is happy.
Not sure about the "sneaky mom"
But love to hear about him!

Monday, September 23, 2013

September - Last weekend at the Ranch this year.

 Sam brought out some friends...

 Family was there as well...
We love a full house!

 A hint of yellow in the trees, fall is coming.

 We have a ritual at the ranch...
Every morning and evening we walk down to the gate at the highway.

Once we get to the highway,  the goal is to get a tanker to honk their horn.
On Saturday we got Three in a row to Honk!

 We head back to the house with wagon load of kids in tow.

The kids left for a Rhino Ride like this...

Came back looking like this....
They had lots of fun!

They all worked hard, they had them clean and full of gas by the time they were done.

Another great weekend at the ranch!