Monday, April 15, 2013


We were have Jeremy and Katie come for his sisters wedding.
It was reason enough to celebrate Easter Early!
Mike had so much fun with the yarn to the Easter Baskets.
He thinks that now they are all older he can be more creative and make it a challenge.
Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  
It was nice to do the baskets the week before, and to remember the true meaning on Easter Sunday!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

28 Years!

28 years ago yesterday I married the love of my life!
 He was and still is my best friend.  
I am cleaning out pictures at my dad's house and came across these pictures of the big day!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Family Cruise

This is the year for the Bradley Family Cruise!
We had a delightful week together...

We went to the Muster Station and had the drill.

My dad who makes the whole cruise possible!

Picture time.. all the sons...then all the daughters

We love being on the deck together.. One day was a little cold!

 We played all sorts of fun games at night.
We laughed and laughed!

 We stopped at Roatan, Honduras.
There was a great beach right by the port.

 In Belize we took a bus ride to the country
then a boat ride thru the jungle.

My brother fed a monkey.

 We had a delicious lunch. Then off to the ruins.

Mask Temple

 The Climbers

The Watchers...
I was with the watchers!

The High Temple

  Jaguar Ruin
David was our fabulous guide!

Many gorgeous sunrise and sunsets.

The best part was being with the love of my life!