Thursday, November 27, 2014



worship God, in whatsoever place ye may be in,
in spirit and in truth; and that ye live in thanksgiving daily,  
for the many mercies and blessings
which he doth bestow upon you.   Alma 34:38

"Gratitude is a mark of a noble soul and a refined character. 
We like to be around those who are grateful. 
They tend to brighten all around them.
They make others feel better about themselves.
They tend to be more humble, more joyful, more likable."     
Joseph B. Wirthlin

I am so grateful this cute family of mine.
We will miss Katie and Jeremy this Thanksgiving
but Christmas will be fabulous!

I am grateful for this ongoing group text message we have with our family
and gems like this video that get shared.

I am grateful that we are an eternal family and will be together forever!

I am grateful for these boys who are home this weekend 
and that Mike decided we should eat out this year.  

I have a very blessed life and so much to be grateful for.
I love Thanksgiving and the fact that it is not about anything commercial
and just about Family, being together and remembering all we have.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I love my job, I love what I do.

I work with a lot of  scientific guys.
I am the lone non technical/non scientific/non engineer  in the office.
I am also the lone female in the office.
The humor is great...

This is a new addition to the periodic table of elements.
Yep that is what we talk about.
I like this element.


I stopped at Einstein Bagels to get bagels for a work meeting.
I place my order, pick my cream cheese and go down to the register to pay.
One guy is doing my order and I got some gourmet bagels
and he was having a hard time charging me for them...
The other guy comes over to help, pushes a few buttons and the amount goes down.
I asked why the discount...

His response - get this..."SENIOR DISCOUNT"
I wanted to check their website and see what age they give a discount.
Really, that is the first time I have been offered a senior discount 
and I was not amused.

I think I would have rather paid full price!

Maybe going grey is not a good idea.
ANYWAY I went to the car and had a good laugh!

Girls Weekend

We took our traditional Friday morning trip to the Temple.
My niece forgot a skirt, lucky this old house dress of my mom's was hanging in the closet.
Alot of old memories in that dress.
My niece rocked it well!

Let the crafts begin, this year pajama pants.

Of course they went to Swig for cookies and drinks

We also tried our hand at crocheting scrubbies.
MJ chatted with a gal in line at Joann's and came back with the idea and supplies.

Lots of knitting and scrubbies.

We had a full house, we had to resort to air mattresses.

Lisa successfully finished her mitten.
Mine is still in process.

Judy found this mega ball of yarn, she was planning a busy weekend

Lisa had the best shaped scrubbie

We did venture out for lunch!

Yes she could smile!

Favorites - always a favorite game.
We all bring two of our favorite things and we draw names for who gets them.
We always learn about new great things.
I got a fabulous can opener - perfect for my arthritic hands.

We were happy these three sisters made it!

There is always a late night project.. adds to the fun.
A quick trip to the store and all are on board.

The babies are so cute and so fun to hold.

It was a wild fast weekend, but fun.

It is mainly good to just be together.
We had a wonderful time laughing and enjoying each other's company.

Until next year...It is already on my calendar!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quick Trip to Portland

My sister Susan is not able to go on our family cruise in February, 
so we decided to do a quick trip to Portland.

On our flight to Portland - Lisa and Peggy were chatting - 
just chatting not the "Bradley Laugh" loud chatting.
The gal in front of them turned around and asked them to use their
"Library voices".  We were quite offended.. The nerve!

We laughed and laughed about it later.  We did not know we needed library voices on the plane.

On the way from the airport we drove along the Columbia River Gorge.
It was sooo green.  We stopped and took pics!
We are not used to this forest life, we live in a desert.

We couldn't resist taking pics across the road.
(Lisa was the photographer)

Yes we were tourists in awe!

There is moss everywhere!
Ferns just randomly grow.

After the scenery tour... we headed to Susan's house.

We took a picture... six of us together.

Then it was knitting, visiting and laughing.
We reminisced and had a wonderful visit.

Lots of rain and leaves falling.

At the airport the next morning waiting for our flight.
Yes we all brought our knitting.
Mom was a knitter and we have all picked it up.
A gal at the airport asked if we had been to a knitting convention.

It was a fun quick weekend.
Sometimes you just have to be a bit impulsive.