Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Drug Failure #3

In my quest for the perfect Rheumatoid Arthritis drug...
(okay maybe not perfect, how about more effective and less pain)
I am now on my 3rd biologic drug.
I am hopeful this is the one...

This drug is given by infusion. 
I get to go sit at the Doctor's office and they drip it in.
The first round (two weeks ago) took 6.5 hours.
I took my ipad and a book and life was good.
It makes me sleepy so I also napped.
After I had to wait around an extra half hour cause my blood pressure was a bit low.

Second trip was yesterday.
I love how they cover where the IV actually goes in.
I can't even watch them set it up.
I read and napped.
It was a much shorter day only 4.5 hours.
My blood pressure was not quite as low so I was able to leave.

I felt better already and was all excited..
the doctor told me that was the steroid they gave me.
It should be working by 2 - 8 weeks.

The good news is the next infusion is in 5-6 months!

Life is still good!

May - Mother's Day

We had a relaxing last day in Boston.

Jeremy tried on his white coat for us.

Mike spoiled me

The kids spoiled me

even Riley spoiled me.
(He doesn't know it, but he got me a great gift.  I helped him pick it out.)

We flew home that evening 
just in time to skype with Riley.

Family is a treasure & I loved a week with my family and
then skyping with my favorite missionary!

Life is good!

May - The Next Day - The Freedom Trail...

The Clovers at the Clover Food Wagon

 We started off on the Second Half of the Freedom trail...

Love to follow the Red Line

 Love the flower boxes in the North End.

The Old North Church

 I love cemeteries with headstones that date to the 1600 & 1700's.

The kids and their cameras...

another historical marker we can read 

 Love to wander the streets..


USS Constitution 

Mike was so excited we actually timed it right to get a tour on the ship.

They had fake tattoo's in one of the Museums.
The kids of course got one!

We wandered through Downtown Boston on our way to PF Changs.
Katie did not think the Hot Dog at the Ball Game was a Graduation Dinner Celebration!

Waiting for our table.

Our visit to Boston was after the bombing and we went to see the memorials.
It was very heartbreaking but wonderful to see the outpouring of love and support.