Sunday, June 28, 2015

Celebration Time!

April 1985

We have reached 30 years, it is time to celebrate!
Jeremy graduated and the timing was perfect...

Luckily our darling children were all on board to come with us on a cruise.
Home port was St. Petersburg Russia.

We sweated getting the Russian Visa's.
Much harder and more expensive than we ever anticipated.
Katie and Jeremy received their's on Thursday and we left Sunday...

We celebrated Jeremy's graduation and then went to the airport.

St. Petersburg

On a cold rainy day we went to Peterhof!

Couldn't resist all these cute kids all bundled up and out for a walk.

 The Hermitage

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jeremy graduates!

After 4 years, Jeremy graduated!
We headed to Boston for the Big Event.

One Happy Camper!!

It was a great celebration.
We are so excited for Katie and Jeremy to be done with school.
They are heading to Vermont for new jobs and a new adventure!