Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sisters Weekend

March 8th is my mother 's birthday.
We decided to have a Sisters Weekend in St. George.
We ended up with 8 of us there and had a great time.
Of course we had to make a little craft.
Maryjane showed us how to make these little needle cases.
It was fun and not too stressful.

Dad did not want to miss the party, so he came along.

 We sat around and chatted and taught each other new tricks for our phones etc.
We laughed and then we laughed some more.

Friday morning we all went to the Temple.
That was a great way to remember my mom.
She would have been there with us!

We went to Swig to try the latest drinks and cookies.

Lonnie had read us something about how to pose for a picture for the model look.
You flip your head at the last minute.
(Cathy missed this photo op)

We went on an outing to some quilt shops.
Six wanted to go and we did not want to take two cars -
so we squished 4 in the back. Peggy & I double buckled just like little kids!

I got some cute fabric for a new quilt project.

Mike and Sam came to visit.

We headed to Vegas to meet Riley for his "homecoming" there.
Riley went a day early to see some friends.

Always fun to go to Vegas to see old friends.
We never stay long enough, always a whirlwind trip.
Riley did a great job speaking.
It is so fun to have both boys together!
Love my family.
Life is good...