Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day

We usually go out of town for Memorial day.
This year we are saving our travel money to buy some toys for the boys.
We have been collecting a few dirt bikes in the garage.
Mike and the boys have been on a few road trips to find them.
Shelley Idaho, 
Logan, Utah
and Riverdale, Ogden.

Now they are ready for Summer!

For Memorial day we decided to do the traditional Cemetary Tour.
We hit some of  the graves in Salt Lake.
We hope to find a few more next year.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Starting Today!

Every day is a new day.
That is one of the great things in life.
Life is good!
I love this video, it is a fabulous reminder.

Every Day we can:

“Try a little harder to be a little better.” 

― Gordon B. Hinckley

Small World

Many years ago, I served a mission in Hong Kong.
My first companion in the MTC was May Mong.
We used to laugh a lot about the fact that we were learning "Chinese"
We did learn enough to get by.

I have this new "Church Calling" - Family History.
It is a whole new program since I last had the calling.
They have called several of us to learn and do this.
I go to my first "training meeting"  
We were a titch late... Mike came with me.
I am sure it was his fault.
Well the guy in the hall tells us Sister Mong is here.
During the training I look over and think... Hmm she looks familiar.
I look at my phone and check the directory.
"May Mong" is in our ward!

Well it is the same May Mong.
I have not seen her since the MTC.
...a few years back.
Now we are laughing together again as we learn Family History.
If we learned Chinese together we can surely learn this new Family History.


 Easter is still the same even if the kids are all older.
They have to follow the string to find their Easter Basket and prizes.
We did not get pics of Sam, he opted to sleep in.
Riley has been gone for a few Easters and he was game.
The Easter bunny had him going all around the neighborhood looking for the basket.

At the end, he did find a basket, The Easter bunny brought them all "picnic quilts"  
among other things!
The boys were thrilled...

It was nice to have both boys home.  Riley spoke in the local ward.
He did a great job.

Grandma Sid even came to town for the event.

Easter Egg Hunts

I have always loved Easter Egg Hunts.
We have had lots over the years.
We seem to be back in the big hunt business.
We had a neighborhood hunt this year.
Luckily for us the youth filled the 3000 eggs.