Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pain and swelling...

Pain and swelling have been a part of my life for the past few months.
One of the benefits of having Rheumatoid Arthritis.
I have tried a few techniques for relief.
I have a daily nap.
As Katie says I am "living the dream"
being able to nap every day.
My favorite is a hot bubble bath,
but I can't stay in the bath forever
so I resort to other forms of heat.
I have a cute heating pad with fun cover,
my sisters made for me.

I have found the rice bags we made in our Wyoming Days,

I also resort to Drugs.
I have been taking Methotrexate and Prednisone.
the Prednisone was to be a short term help
while the Methotrexate kicked in.
They say 3-4 months to work.
I loved the full dose of Prednisone.
The swelling went down and the pain was gone.
Life was good
I went to Boston had a great time!
I started tapering off the dose and
the pain came back then then the swelling.
Suffered for a while and then finally called the doctor.
Visited the Doctor this week and now we are trying
the Methotrexate by injection.
We have increased the dose of Methotrexate
and the prednisone.
Once a week I have an injection.

I am a wimp, and can't do that myself.
So lucky the shot day is Tuesday,
when my sister Lisa comes for quilting and lunch
She is an RN, she just did that shot and thought nothing of it!
I didn't even watch.

I am optimistic that all the new meds will bring some relief.
I have been sleeping better,
which Mike is grateful for!

Life is always full of new challenges.
But Life is Still Good.


Remember some time ago I blogged about learning to Quilt
and the fun fabric I had bought.
Well my sister Lisa and I have a quilting day every week,
and we have finally finished the top and back.

We are ready to send it to be quilted.
Here is the next quilt laid out ready to sew.
So much fun.

I am getting ready to be a grandma.
I could be a grandma in the next five years
if I am lucky!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekend at the Ranch...

The Boys enjoyed all the toys!

The Ranch and Guns seem to go together.

More toys...

Lots of friends and family

Some serious card games...
A fabulous weekend.

Find Mike....

Stake Presidency and High Council
April 2012

Mother's Day in Boston

Me and Katie

My kiddos gave me a necklace with "Lucky" in morse code,
I am lucky to be a mom!
I am lucky to be their mom!
I love my family and I have great kids!
I am very blessed.

We had a fun picnic.

We had a group skype with the cute missionary Riley!
It was so fabulous to talk to him and see his smile.
A great end to a good day.