Saturday, July 26, 2014

Demolition Derby

We love a Demolition Derby.
We have been going to the Heber Derby for years.
With a few years off when we lived out of state.
Sometimes we would come to town for the Derby.
Well it is a hot commodity to get tickets, 
you have to get on the exact time and they are gone fast... 
It is a sit by the computer and be ready moment.
Well we knew we would be on the cruise then 
but being a "good mom" I still got tickets for the boys.

They went and had a great time,
and Lo and behold the tickets were right next to old neighbors.

She sent this email and Pic:

Look who we happened to sit by at the demolition derby! We were actually in their seats. Romm and Canon are in front. What cute boys you have. It's fitting to see them here. The first time we came to this was with your family. Fun times!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Indexing Challenge was a success...sort of!

Thoughout the night we had over 50 people come to our house to index a batch.
Okay half of those were kids who ran around
and the server was overwhelmed and we had a hard time getting on and finding a batch
But we had a great time and a lot of new people learned about indexing.
That is success! 

From Family Search:

FamilySearch volunteers are amazing! On July 20th and 21st, FamilySearch indexers and arbitrators from around the world joined together to set an international record for the greatest number of indexing participants in a single day! We hoped to have an unprecedented 50,000 contributors in a 24 hour period. FamilySearch volunteers excelled, surpassing that goal by 16,511! That’s right—66,511 participants in one day! Incredible! We are grateful for the patience and persistence of many volunteers who faced technical difficulties due to an overwhelming response.

These generous indexers and arbitrators made a true difference. Each record and each name indexed and arbitrated matters. It only takes one to open the door to linking generations of families together. Without question, thousands of lives will be changed as a result of this day’s effort.

While the focus for this challenge was on the total number of participants, a tremendous amount of indexing and arbitration work was accomplished as well. Here are the results for the number of records indexed and arbitrated. 

Indexed: 4,682,746
Arbitrated: 941,932
Total Records Processed: 5.7 million 

Worldwide Indexing Event BadgeOur ancestors deserve to be remembered. You can be proud to be the one who made the difference for someone else who is looking for their ancestors. Because of you, they will know the joy of adding a new branch to their family tree. Thank you!

And keep indexing! More names and stories-especially from obituaries-are ready to be indexed by you and discovered by researchers worldwide. One volunteer, one document, one name can make all the difference to someone looking for his or her family.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sam had a birthday "shout hooray"

I am the delinquent mom
We went to Provo to have dinner with the boys for Sam's Birthday.
I took my camera - and did not take one pic.
I was just enjoying the time with the boys.
We went to Cubby's for dinner.
It was very good and Paleo friendly.

Cubby's Chicago Beef

Last weekend at the Ranch I did make a "Wafer Cake" for Sam.

The hard-to-find Nabisco Chocolate Wafers

Of course I didn't get a pic of that either.

Sam was smiling as a baby 

and is still smiling
Love that Boy!

Ranch Again...

We headed to the ranch again the next weekend.
Just how the schedule works.
We are happy with whatever dates we get.

Riley's favorite place.
I don't think that kid sleeps at school.

Sam brought his new bike that he loves.
He gave it a good washing.

The boys get the toys ready

Sam and Mike have their drinks all ready...

It was a gorgeous day.

The umbrella was broken.
They fixed it!  Woo Hoo.

The boys getting prepped to head out for a ride.
Safety first... they do wear helmets!

It was a full moon.

We gathered around the old kitchen table for some cards.
Five Crowns was the game of choice today.

Sometimes they question my rules...
this time I think I had to pull the "support your wife rank".

It was all fun!
We have been playing cards at this table for years!

The next morning was a bit hazy.
Mike and I had a peaceful, beautiful walk to the gate.

Saw a Cute little Pot Gut...

The boys got in a quick early morning ride.

Crazy Boys..

Sam had some friends come up for the day.
They headed off in the Rhino's.

They found some mud..
loved the mud,
and they did clean everything up!
Love the night skies.
Another great weekend of fun and family.