Friday, September 18, 2015

The Ranch

This summer was crazy, we only got in one trip to the ranch.

Riley brought out a few friends, the house was to capacity so we set up tents.
They were all good sports.

Sam's fan club came for some fun.

The Ranch is always a good time.

They love to shoot, they shoot til the ammo is gone!

It was fun to have Steve and Boys around.

The girls bring their fairies and fantasy.

Rye and his gang of friends

Heading for the trails.

Smores... a ranch favorite

Sunday was amazing.  We went to the small Fruitland Branch.
The chapel was packed, every room in the building was full, every chair was full.

The hallways were lined with chairs and full.
People were sitting on the kitchen counters and table.
It was Labor Day weekend and I have never seen this many people at this church.
I was blessed to get a seat by Sid and Jen.
(They went over early)
The rest of our crew was on the lawn with 50 other people, they did get the Sacrament.
It was an amazing site to see so many people who chose to go to Church on the Sabbath.
The meeting was fabulous, what a blessing to be there.

Riley of course brought Diet Coke and Mentos for bottle rockets.

The kids loved them.

He tired a double rocket, it needs a bit of refining.

Sam was not sure we should be "wasting"  all this Diet Coke
He did sneak one bottle out.

fun and games

Our great neighbors

More fun and games
and then some stiff competition!

The boys head off for a ride exploring over by Strawberry.

It was a fabulous weekend packed with fun, friends and family.
Oh how we love the ranch!
We are grateful to MA and Blanche for the treasure they have left us.