Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Boy is home!!!

 We are ready to greet Riley with our poster in Spanish.
(yes we know it is spelled wrong)
Riley still appreciated it!

Waiting and waiting for that glimpse on the escalator.

 First Glimpse of that big smile!

Happy mom and dad.
Proud of this boy.

I love that both my boys have served missions.
That is where I would want them to be.
But I do miss them terribly for two years.
I am so happy we are done with that stage of life.
Mike & I will probably be the next missionaries to go,
and that will be years off...

Riley is sooo funny he whips these shorts out of his carry on bag.
He was going to slip in the bathroom and put them on.
He has two new suits from Thailand with custom shorts to match.

Riley had his name embroided on his suit.
M. Riley Creer
The only.
That is how he signed all his letters.
That goes back to Sam.
Sam was:
 Sam Creer The First
Silly Boys!

Riley talking to Katie, she does not want to miss a thing!
Lucky for all the kids, the boys are heading to Boston on Thursday for a long weekend.

 Riley also got this good Zebra lined suit made.

 He loves to have them personalized.

Try to read that Thai tag..
Riley made Mike's day, He brought him home this motorcycle.

 Riley brought home lots of treasures.

He unpacked, left a mess and life is good.

Riley's breakfast request... Momma's biscuits.

I LOVE having two boys home this weekend.
Makes my day!!

Life is extremely good!!

Catching Up

Saturday, I was up early and the boys were sleeping soundly.
I headed for an early Temple Session.
I love getting there in the dark.
It was a peaceful morning.
I got home the boys were still in bed.

Monday,  Mike had a birthday!
Katie found this fabulous Memory Game.
It is pics of the kids when they were little!

The boys went skiing.
They tried Snow Basin and loved it.

Can't have a birthday without Wafer Cake

 We had to chat with Katie and Jeremy.
They don't like to miss a thing.

Had an infusion this week.
A day for napping and reading, I caught up on the last Massie Dobbs Book.
This went better, my blood pressure did not drop so much.
I was able to leave on time.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This cute missionary comes home in two days

In case you forgot what he looks like, he is the second from the right.

I went to the store today and stocked up on Riley's favorites...
Hot pockets, Cheetos, Chocolate Milk, 
Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms
and Yoplait yogurts with the word pie in the flavor.
A lot of healthy nutritious  food that we do not have.
I hope he still likes it all. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Warmth and Sunshine...

It all started with a phone call.

I had to call Princess to make some changes on the extended family cruise this August.
I happened to mention to Joni that I was missing a cruise this winter.

Well... she had a deal for me!

It was a great idea to give Mike for Christmas, and I get to go along.

It was 18 degrees when we left the house.

We were so excited to get on board even with no sun.

 First item of business... the ship offered a combination "milkshake, soda, hot cocoa card"
Mike had to have one...

 There was this big Navy ship (The Battleship Iowa) at port.
Mike was loving it.

 The food was divine as usual.
Most things worked for my Paleo life.

 The sunrise's and sunsets were gorgeous!

 We read, I knit, and enjoyed the sunshine!

 It was totally foggy when we pulled into port!

I had five fabulous days to talk Mike's ear off and enjoy the sun.
To me that is a successful trip.
Life is good.