Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Monday

I loved this video,  it is in Thai with subtitles.

Just a little reminder that we can serve in simple ways.

We can make someone's day better, sometimes all they need is a smile.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Time to get ready for Christmas!
The search for a Christmas Tree.
I opted for the cute little ones.. Mike said no to a 3 foot tree!

We went to a Ward Christmas Party
They had "Elf Games"
Mike was lucky enough to participate, bowling with a tennis ball swinging from a nylon on his head.  He knocked over all the water bottles first!  Woo Hoo!

When the big boys show up, the little boys are not far behind.

Even at church, they run to sit by the boys!

So fun to have all our kids coming home for Christmas!

We all went to a Christmas Concert
"The Lower Lights"

So happy to have these two here!

At the last minute we decided to go get a Ping Pong table.
Lucky we had boys here to put it together!

 Katie and Riley did another famous dance video.

Riley chose the game to play... so of course "Killer Bunnies"

Christmas Eve morning we had a gorgeous sunrise.

Katie was crafting and made these cute little place cards for our Christmas Eve Dinner.

Katie starting her mittens!

Christmas Eve - The Night Before Christmas envelope game...

A few more rounds of Killler Bunnies!

Ended Christmas Eve with Luke 2

New Christmas Jammmies... then off to bed!

We woke up to a "White Christmas"

The calm before the storm...

Had to play the new game... Cover your assets... can be vicious!

Katie and Jeremy flew out Christmas Night.
We had a fabulous week with our children.