Monday, September 26, 2016

Cruising with the Creer's

Oh how I love Cruising.
I have also been dreaming of a train trip...
so we flew to Seattle and took a train to Vancouver.
The train station was so cool.

Vancouver here we come!
The train ride was delightful we rode thru "Beautiful Country".

We  explored Vancouver for a day then boarded the ship.

Mike was so excited to get his soda card!

We love that leisure life!

First Stop Seattle

It was a gorgeous day, Mike and his brother went to a museum.
I had a rest day, listened to a great book and crocheted.

Loved cruising along the Oregon Coast

Next stop - Astoria, Oregon
what a cute little town.

We went to a Maritime Museum.
Mike loved it!

They had an old ship you could explore.

Darling little town.

We love the on ship time and love playing games as a family.

 Love the sunsets.

  In the wee hours of the morning we sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge

Next Stop - San Francisco.

Sea Lions are still at Pier 39

Yep they were divine!

We took a cable card ride.
Mike loved it.

And we found a Harley shop.

My favorite lunch at Fisherman's Wharf.

Back to the ship for a sea day.

Next stop Santa Barbara

 Mike and his brother did a kayaking excursion.

Santa Barbara is a fun town.
The whole gang

Jeff, Darci and Carson 
joined us in this quaint town.

Sidney and her four children

The City Hall is gorgeous.
We went to the top and had great views of the town.

Mike loves to take pano pics.

Back to the ship.

It was a great cruise.
Fun Stops.
Cruising is my fav!