Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ranch Weekend

Riley brought a great science experiment
Dry Ice Bombs...

It was fun to watch it expand and blow up!

Always fun at the ranch when Sam and Riley's fan club comes.
We went to Heber for the Demolition Derby.

I screamed so loud I had two shirts thrown my way.

The Jazz bear drove a car.

We had a whole line up.
Front Row... Sam and I were on line at 7:00 am
Tickets were sold out at 7:07

Sitting on the front row, we got plenty of dirt flung our way.

They had a kid round with Power Wheels.
It was a scream.

A great tradition.

We love Ranch Weekends.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vermont... Again!

We headed to Vermont for Gwen's baby blessing.

Mike was having sympathy for Gwen's tummy time.

Sam only wanted to hold Gwen when she was very happy.
So she would associate him with happy feelings.
He is running for favorite uncle.

We ventured to Emerald Lake State Park

We had fun in the canoes.

I don't really paddle... that was just for a photo opp.
Mike loves to canoe.

Vermont is beautiful!

On our way home, we passed an equestrian competition.
We stopped and watched for a bit.
Very interesting.

We saw covered bridges

and cool rivers.
(Picture credit: Sam)

Little Gwen was blessed.
Jeremy did a wonderful job!

Of  course we took lots of photos.

I am grateful for my family and the time we have together.