Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Family

My BIG Family

My Siblings 
(not in age order)

Their Families:

My Dad

The Viewing

The Funeral

Lucky for me, Jeremy, Katie and Gwen came.
I love the bonds of family.
I love my family.

This is all family...
14 Children
86 Grandchildren
231 Great Grandchildren
( 3 new since then)

The service was wonderful we kept it to our hour.
That was my dad's wish.

He had another wish the week before he died.
He was hoping he could go before the family Cruise in February 
and to make it even better to go before Christmas.
He died 12.22.16.
As we planned the funeral we were thinking it really was a celebration
Celebration of a great man and a great life.
Celebration of a huge posterity.

My brothers were the Pall Bearers

The sisters

Mike was a Honorary Pall Bearer

The family came from far and near.
From New York to California.

Sweet Bradley is buried right by my parents.

When you get this many together you go to a Hotel for the Funeral Luncheon.

We were fortunate to have Mike's mom with us.

It was a wonderful day.