Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday was a day for haircuts...

Katie and Sam both got haircuts, so cute. Sam was loving his 70's do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This 'n that and catching up...

Life is good.. in three days I will be relaxing on this ship.
It is a family reunion, my favorite kind, no one has to work.
We just visit and laugh... imagine 12 of my siblings with spouses and my parents
We all have the same great laugh. We all love to laugh...
Definitely a good time will be had by all. Thank you mom & dad!
and Mike's cell phone does not work... it will be fun!

Sam went skiing Tuesday at Brian Head.
This is what the snow & ice did to his car. It slid off the roof.
Now the insurance companies can fight over responsibility.

Our good friends the Brus' surprised us and came all the way from Wyoming for the wedding.
What a fun and exciting surprise.
We meet them for dinner Saturday night at Trolley Square.
It was so wonderful to see so many good friends and family at the wedding.

The wedding was fabulous!
It was so great to have both of Katie's Grandparents there.
My dad perfomed the ceremony and did a wonderful job.
We were able to go to Church with my parents on Sunday.
A nice way to end a great weekend.