Monday, February 11, 2013

My Favorite Missionary....

This is my baby boy Riley.
His is my favorite Missionary serving in Thailand!
 Rye has been out for a little over a year.
  Right now he is way north in Nongkhai,
Just across the river from Laos.
A few weeks ago they sent 4 missionaries into Laos. 
You can read about it here 

He was able to perform his first baptism this week.
He was very excited, the two girls on the left front
asked Riley to baptize him.
They are sisters and he has been teaching them for a while.
I love getting letters from Riley it always makes my day!!

You can read Riley's blog for more of his adventures!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Drug Failure"

"Drug Failure"

That is what my doctor called my last RA drug.
Drug Failure - it did not work.
Last night I tried my new drug, it will take a while to see if it works.
I use these huge syringes.
  Actually I don't use them Mike does, I can't even look.
I get one in each leg and then another drug injection in my stomach.
So far so good no bruising.
After the start up of this drug, I will only take it once a month,
 that is sooo much better than once a week.
I am praying it works.

There is hope!