Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sense of humor...

Got an email today from the Arthritis Foundation with this link:
Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief Without Drugs
I clicked on it to see if there was a magic trick.
I scroll down thru the list...

Here is a quick list of some popular non-drug therapies for arthritis pain relief. They may be used alone, or in conjunction with each other.

•    Hot and cold treatments.
•    Positive attitude and thoughts. 
•    Exercise.
•    Relaxation techniques.
•    Massage.
•    Electrical stimulation.
•    Topical lotions.
•    Acupuncture.

I have heard of all those before and use most.
The last one made my day.

•    Sense of humor. Many studies have demonstrated that humor can bolster the immune system and increase the ability to handle pain.

 I think it is actually the most important!  
They should have listed it FIRST!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's that time of year... Ranch time!

It is so green this year!

The boys promptly got their motorcycles and went exploring...

 They loved it, they love the bikes, they love the "beautiful country"

I had a nice 3 hour nap while they were gone.  I didn't realize I was so tired.
Katie has been teaching me about "self care"  I need to be better.
It has been a rough few weeks health wise, so I will listen!

 We had some friends come out and bring their little four wheeler. 
ALL the boys had fun on this.

 The next day we headed out on an adventure
The women and children joined in a rhino.

Fun ride on Wild Cat.

Riley AFTER the ride... just a bit of dust.  He loves it!

 Can't go to the Ranch without shooting a few guns.

 Had some smore's around the fire.

 The little boys like to sit by the big boys.

 Sam and his number one fan...

For Father's Day we got Mike this fun new game... Spike Ball.
We tried it out and it passed the test for FUN. 

Of course we took our traditional walk down to the gate on the highway.
We have to get those trucks to blast their horns.
Our friend took this little video, happened to be a truck that just drove on by...
Yes we love cheap entertainment!