Monday, October 29, 2012

Bagels or Croissants

25 years ago long before we had any children, I started doing accounting work for Aunt Sally and her bookstore.  I did the accounting at home and I loved what I did. The kids came along and I continued to do the work, it was done at home, very part time and seemed to fit in my life.  Later she closed the bookstore and Uncle Lee had a business and I started doing accounting work for him.  Well with our moves to Wyoming and then Vegas I still did the work.  It is amazing what you can send thru the mail and the internet.  Now we are back in Utah, I am closer to the office and every Friday I now go to a staff meeting.  Most of what they talk about does not relate to me.  It is scientific stuff, they make high tech things.  Well we have BAGELS at the meeting.  That is the highlight.  A few months ago Lee had a different treat... CROISSANTS.  That was his way of announcing we were having a company retreat in Paris, France for all the employees.  Lucky for Mike and I, I am considered a real employee and we got to go!  After a week in Paris, I love CROISSANTS even more!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Conference Weekend

I love Conference Weekend!

We headed to St. George for some serious Conference Time.

  We even got in some fun game time with family.

The main highlight was enjoying conference.
It was fabulous.  So sad to see it end.

I was so excited when they changed the missionary age for girls to 19!  I hope more girls will go.

I just finished my Mission Scrapbook.
(yes I did go 30 years ago)
and it brought back many wonderful memories
of my mission.

I think all girls should go.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Giant Pumpkins

My brother Dave grows big Pumpkins


Saturday was the weigh in for the Giant Pumpkin Growers.

Here is Dave's Giant Pumpkin!
Mike and I went, it is fun entertainment.

 Penelope the Pumpkin Princess was even there...

 Moving the big pumpkins to be weighed is a major ordeal...

His Giant Pumpkin... 812 pounds!

Congratulations to Dave on his biggest yet!

The Fair!

We went to the fair... 
we were lucky enough to have some great nephews to take with us.
Milo and Asher were great fun!
We have not been to the Utah State Fair for years, 
a lot of things were exactly the same.
We were disappointed, there did not seem to be as many animals.
We went toward the end of the fair.
Next year we are going earlier!