Sunday, September 26, 2010

From Sam...

Sorry I wasn't able to write you guys. It was a hectic pday. But I am sending pics. A picture is worth a thousand words so really this is a HUGE letter. Ha ha. I love you.
Elder Sam

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Katie!

Random Pictures of Katie, the birthday girl!
Our favorite daughter
(and yes she is the only daughter)

22 years old today!

22 reasons we love katie:

1. She bubbles over with personality
2. She loves people
3. When she was little she let her daddy rock her in the rocking chair
4. She loves Jeremy
5. She loves her brothers
6. She loves adventures
7. She loves the Lord and has a strong testimony
8. She is a college graduate
9. She always wanted to do the sports the boys were doing
10. She earned her Young Woman's Medallion
11. She graduated from Seminary
12. She loves to go camping
13. She is one of a kind
14. She has awesome dance moves
15. She was the first in the family to crash a car so it was easier for the boys
16. She likes to play catch
17. She is not afraid to get dirty
18. She knows that she is a Child of God
19. She gets excited about life
20. She picked an outstanding husband and was married in the temple
21. She loves her family and loves to be with us
22. She takes great pictures!

We love you Katie, Happy Birthday!

It is also my sister Lisa and my brother Bob's birthday
Happy Birthday to them!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Riley's Senior Year

This is the cute boy's senior yearbook picture.

They are all growing up on me.

So sad, but so wonderful for the opportunities our kids are having.
But then again we don't mention "empty nest" around here.
Life is going way too fast!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Camping

We went camping to Bryce Canyon for Labor Day Weekend.
Once a year you have to get the tent out and go camping.
It makes you appreciate the little pleasures of life,
the bed, the bathroom, and the kitchen.
Besides it is always nice to have an"electronics free" weekend.

We always love to spend time with Katie & Jeremy.
I forgot my hat, so Katie fashioned one for me from my matching bandana.

We set off on a great hike and were glad that Darbie & Kristie came to join us...

Riley trying his yoga moves on the rocks...

Darbie and I are about the same height....

After our hike we had a picnic lunch...

Riley loves the rocks..

Fun Group Picture of a fun group!

Enjoying the "Beautiful Country"

We were exhausted...

Riley did homework...

We did some dutch oven cooking...

Kaite made boondoogle and Riley did more homework...

We played some catch...

Sunday we went to the Bryce Branch,
Katie was the chorister
Mike said the opening prayer
Riley blessed the Sacrament.
There is something about small branches of the Church that I love.

On our way home we explored the cute town of Panguitch
We love small towns.
Everyone town we visit Mike thinks we could retire there.

We missed Sam, but in less than a year he will be home !