Thursday, May 26, 2011


...yep 90 days and this boy will be home!

Hard to believe how fast the time goes, it seems like we just dropped him off.
It will be wonderful to have him home,
then a few days later he is off to BYU!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Riley's Senior Awards Night...

Riley has had a "sensational" time in High School.
He has done very well and achieved a few awards.

The Surprise of the evening...

When each senior went up to get their awards their yearbook picture came on the big screen.
For Riley it would have been this nice picture....

but when his name was called, up comes this picture of Free Willey on the big screen.

OH RILEY...not sure how he pulled that one off!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Missionary...

The best part of Mother's day is being able to talk to this boy.
This was the last phone call.
He has been out almost 21 months. WOO HOO!
He gets home the end of August and then a few days later heads to BYU! :(

Sam reporting that he has been out 20 months!

Sam's current area is a Single's ward on a University Campus.
So every Wednesday they have a table set up and do lots of contacting.

A few excerpts from Sam's last letters:

I loved talking to you all last night. It was so fun to hear your voices and talk to you all. We sure do have a fun family. It sure is going to be fun to see you in 3 ish months. I just cant believe how fast time is going by. I can still remember like it was yesterday arriving to my very first area.
It sure has been an awesome 20 months.

...really just understanding that we are all children of god and everyone has the same potential as we do. I mean we have the gospel and that is truly the best thing we can have in our lives.
It is better than all the money in the world.

Whatever we are going through, we are able to overcome it with the help of God. On our own power I don't know if we could. It's pretty amazing how wherever we are at in life, if we sincerely seek God's help He will be there with His hand outstretched."

I am loving life. and I love you all mucho. You guys are so great. pretty much the best. Thank you all so much for everything you do. I love you all and hope you have a totally su-weet day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going for the Gold..

I had to restock the "Gold Pencils" today.
Rye texted me and said we need Gold pencils.
Tomorrow is the first AP test for Rye.
Katie started the tradition years ago
of using a Gold Pencil on tests
to "Go for the Gold"
Riley has kept it up.


I like to feel like I am youthful.
Yesterday someone called and asked..."Is your mom home?"
I said, no...
They they wanted to know if anyone over 18 was home?
I could have told them MY SON was home and he was over 18
but then again I decided we didn't really need to talk to them so said no...

This has been happening my whole life but not so much lately.
I thought maybe I sounded more grown up!

I was humored!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Saturday Project...

We send Mike to Home Depot to rent
a chain saw to cut a tree down...
I look out back and this is what I see!!

They did a great job and cut the tree down!

Spring Break & Graduation

Spring Break was the same week as BYU Graduation
We had a busy fun week!
Family is great..
We missed Sam... less than 4 months to go, WOO HOO!
Happy for Jeremy to graduate
In denial that they are moving to Boston and
Sam & Riley will both be away at college!