Sunday, May 7, 2017


We found a nice resort in the back woods of Vermont.
We spent a week exploring the area and having fun just being together.

We loved being with Gwen, we love the everyday part of life.
She had us all wrapped around her finger.

Quechee Gorge
Gorgeous place and good ice cream.

Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial
A sacred place with a special spirit.

The boys were not too interested in this place.

Vermont Country Store
Better than the catalog, found a few prizes for Gwen.

Simon Pearce Glass Factory
Cool to watch, decided to pass on buying glasses at $60 a piece.

Windsor, Vermont
Enjoyed dinner at the local "Pizza Chef"

Sugar Bush Farm
We tried yummy cheese, and Gwen loved the animals.

Woodstock, Vermont
Found a cute bookstore and everyone chose a book.

Pretty campus, cute small town.

King Arthur Flour Store
They had a little cafe with yummy sweet rolls, cookies etc.

Just being together
This was the best part of the week, just being together.


i love my family!

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