Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gwen's first trip to the zoo

We were so lucky to have Katie and Gwen come a few days before our trip to the ranch.

Gwen found Grammy's treat drawer and a sucker with no wrapper.
She loved it and started digging for more

We had a field trip to the Zoo!

We went the day of the eclipse and the animals were very active.

We had our eclipse glasses!
Loved it.

Gwen was able to meet up with some of her Clover cousins.

She did not really like the carousel.

But she loved the train ride.

She also loved her play room.
We have been waiting years for a grandbaby to play there.
She mainly loved her pics.
(The pics were Gwen's birthday presents to the boys)

Gwen is a delight to be with.
We love her every move.
Grandchildren bring more joy to life.

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